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Elite Series

  • Replacement Helix

    Replacement Helix

    We will be closed from December 23rd through to January 27th 2021. Last order date for orders to be shipped in 2020 is December 10 2020

    Select from a range of different helices which are completely interchangeable between all the Code38 models.

    Original Code38 models - Change helix by removing the assembly screw located under the helix using a 2mm hex key to separate the upper and lower body cases to gain access to the helix and foil blade.

    For Elite Series and P-Type models simply remove helix pivot screw using a small flat blade screwdriver.

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    Replacement Helix
    *Discounts apply for 5+ units


    *Helix Type
    Standard $10
    Standard - TiCN Coated $25
    Standard - grooved $15
    Standard - grooved TiCN $30
    Conical & Tapered $30
    Conical & Tapered TiCN $45
    Left hand $15
    Left hand - TiCN Coated $30

    Total $0.00

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