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Code38 models

  • Replacement Helix

    Replacement Helix

    Select from a range of different helices which are interchangeable between all the Code38 models.
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  • Elite Series Tuning Kit

    Elite Series Tuning Kit

    Fine tune your Code38 Elite Series wine knife using our dedicated tuning and spares kit.
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  • Experimental Helix Kit

    Experimental Helix Kit

    All Code38 models are designed to take advantage of a range of helixes which have been custom made to suit Code38 Wine Knives, This Kit includes three of our most popular helixes for you to try.
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  • Foil Blade - Elite Series

    Foil Blade - Elite Series

    Select from a range of different blades which are interchangeable between elite series models.
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  • Foil Blade - Original series

    Foil Blade - Original series

    Replacement foil blades for the original code38 models.
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  • P-Type [Professional]

    P-Type [Professional]

    The new P-Type professional series wine knife features a compact form factor with minimalist design to give you a unique and sexy way to open wine.
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  • P-Type LIGHT

    P-Type LIGHT

    The P-Type Light is our semi professional model featuring a lightweight mil-spec hard anodised alloy chassis with commercial grade P-Type components.
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  • P-Type service Kit

    P-Type service Kit

    Fine tune your Code38 P-Type wine knife using our dedicated tuning and spares kit.
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  • P-Type Stealth

    P-Type Stealth

    Introducing the The all new black (TiCN) titanium finished P-Type Stealth. Superb weight and balance give a great sense of confidence when removing the most challenging of corks.
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  • Service Holster

    Service Holster

    Constructed in a heavy-duty black Italian leather which has been mold formed to match the Code38s sleek profile.
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