Helix re-alignment

Realigning a bent helix

The repeated physical loads applied during the cork extraction process are quite immense, and on occasion, it is possible to bend the helix (especially on hard to remove plastic corks). Fortunately, realignment of the helix is easily acheived.

Step one
If your helix looks like this (it no longer sits snug against the lever), then it is indeed bent.

Step two
Using a wooden chopping board as a work surface, and a round handle of a wooden spoon, it is very easy to bend the helix back into position. (A pen is shown in these images as the wooden spoon was not to be found. The small round handle of a wooden spoon is more ideal).
Step three
Place the handle of the wooden spoon as shown.
Step four
Apply the right amount of downward force on the knife blade area to gently bend the helix back in place. Start with light pressure and check your progess regularly.
NOTE: A bent helix can generally be prevented by using the push/pull extraction technique. Visit the Extraction instruction page for more information.



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